Family holidays and loneliness.

Norway's National Day. Man. A few days prior and "the day after©" I read some articles written by different people in the media. That kind of triggered an internal discussion. See, all these big celebrations that are mostly conducted with close family and friends have a potential to be quite sucky for some people. You know, the ones without a family (or access to one), witho...

Taking the wheel of your social life.

Every now and then I have one epiphany after another. You know, growing, evolving, it usually is because of some sort of realization that leads to a need for change. An epiphany about my social life came to me a while back and kind of....recently got reinforced. I will try to structure this as good as I can. Structure. Every person needs a set of rules to live by, even if...

Lone wolf society.

Came over an article in a norwegian newspaper that wrote about "the new folk disease" in Norway: loneliness. Link here (norwegian). It describes a woman with kids and family that was dreading up-comming Easter. As a side-note, in Norway, it is common to retreat to the mountain cabins, ski and do "social stuff" with friends and/or family. This time around her kid were with th...

Time and why you should value it.

127 - Kopi
Recently, I've been thinking alot about how I wish my life to look like in the long run. Like really long run. What kind of job I want to be doing, what kind of friends I wish to have, what kind of atmosphere I wish to be part of and participate in. The big things. And something interesting happened, and made me wonder if it was an age thing or a general human thing (and that I...

Broken record: penis size.

So there is this new research and articles all over the web these days and yes, it's about the same damn thing "all" men fear: penis size. I kinda grew tired of the subject, because everyone seems to be an expert on what's "big, thick and good enough". Women laughing at men's dicks is a proper man-killer, and I guess that's where the irrational fear and anxiety resides. The ...

Ojive hits The Big 30.

Man, I really do suck at updating this thing. I might've lost momentum on this whole project thing, but trust me, the momentum is only gaining off-the-internet. Right, so I hit the big 30. I am now 30 years old and it calls for some reflections, and feelings perhaps, about where I am, where I've been, and where I'm going. It's like, I don't even know where to start, so I gue...

War of the sexes.

Not sure where to start, so I'll just run a brain dump. Today, I read an article on a norwegian newspaper site where a female author voiced her opinion (more like demands, but whatever) on male...ughh...I don't even know what the fuck she was actually talking about or what her point was. Seemed to me as if it was a constructed a...

A little update.

Jeez. So much have been going on in my life lately, that I'm hardly keeping up right now. I got a new job, finished off the old one, packed my bags, etc. But first things first. Diet and progress. I've cut 10'ish kg of fat in the course of 12 weeks. This is me at 92kg and 79kg. I do weigh 82kg now for some reason, but I look the same. Might be just water. ...

Demons, luggage and how to deal with it.

Mysterious Forest in the Pacific Northwest Yeah, so I'm having one of those days today, so it's all kind I'm obviously doing something I should not, and it is: I'm in my head today. I struggle with living in the now, so instead, I daydream unvolunteerly with whatever the content my mind is building. Which is not always a good thing. Well...fuck it, it's never a ...

Master Chief paintball entrance 2015.

So, I've been playing with the childish and nerdy idea of making my own Master Chief Spartan armor. I've even printed out a scaled version of the helm, but I've never gotten around to actually sit the fuck down and cut it out, glue it together, and spraypaint it with clear coat. A few weeks back, I got an idea: I should do paintball. Now, I got this mad idea: Master Ch...